Hawaii Gov's Friend Outs the Truth

* Popular Journalist Evans Says Hawaii Gov. Realizes There's No Birth Certificate: On the KQRS Morning Show, Mike Evans says that his longtime friend the governor of Hawaii Neil Abercrombie has run out of options and now knows that there is no birth certificate for Barack Obama in Hawaii's archives or hospital records. After this interview Evans was blasted by Democrats and he retracted only insofar as stating that he had not talked to the governor personally, but in this clip he doesn't say that he spoke to Abercrombie but to the governor 's office, and of course his point still stands. The Governor has not been able to keep his word and produce the physician-signed Obama birth certificate. The Obama topic begins at about 1:30 in...

* Programming Notes: Tomorrow Gregg will air his interview with Judge Roy Moore, the former chief justice of the State of Alabama who previously on BEL apologized for having supported the brutally wicked PBA ban and ruling. Bob and Gregg expect the judge to make more very significant observations about the pro-family industry. And on Monday, Bob will talk on air with an Iowa RTL board member about their state's bad idea of regulating child killing by trying to ban late-term abortions. How bad is this idea? While Nat'l RTL is promoting their misguided legislation to give pain killers to unborn children before killing them, some misguided Iowans are promoting legislation to regulate abortion based on whether or not the baby can feel pain. Of course there are many ways to kill people painlessly, and both of these efforts are destructive and distract from the true need of advocating enforcement of God's enduring command, Do not murder, and recognition of the God-given right to life of the unborn child. Also, later next week Bob will air Part II of his debate with atheist Staks Rosch.

* Rush Limbaugh Becomes a Birther: Five days ago Rush finally wondered aloud regarding the whereabouts of Obama's birth certificate:

When Ronald Reagan was Elected President: he put the personhood of the unborn child front and center in his pro-life efforts:

Thanks to Personhood USA for this great Reagan video! President Ronald Reagan offered to support a Human Life Amendment but the National RTL Committee turned him down in favor of a state-by-state strategy. Yet 30 years later, NRTL opposes1 all state personhood (HLA) efforts. Why? See AmericanRTL.org/Reagan.

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