Rodhocetus: Actual vs Imagined (see hind limb, below; etc.)

* Whale Ancestor Flippers & Tail Now Denied by Discoverer: [Updated 2/2/19. For the latest see]  Real Science Radio co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart discuss articles on Saturn and whales from the Fall 2011 issue of Creation magazine. As documented in Creation and on video in Dr. Carl Werner's fabulous evolution/creation DVDs, the discoverer Dr. Philip Gingerich now admits, "I speculated that it might have had a fluke [whale-like tail], I now doubt that Rodhocetus would have had a fluked tail." And the same with the flippers, Gingerich said: "Since then we have found the forelimbs, the hands, and the front arms of Rodhocetus, and we understand that it doesn't have the kind of arms that can spread out like flippers on a whale."

* Evolutionists Continue To Claim Rodhocetus as Whale Ancestor: The Rodhocetus story demonstrates that evolutionists have a greater commitment to illusion than to science. This creature was claimed as an ancestor to the whale because it was believed to swim in the ocean with flippers and to have a fluked tail. trace of Gingerich drawing by Khylov 2005Now that it's discoverer admits that it didn't have whale-like flippers but forearms, and it didn't have a whale-like tail, REGARDLESS, evolutionists cannot bear to lose an icon of whale evolution. So, they continue to claim Rodhocetus as a whale ancestor, even though they now admit that they had completely mischaracterized this land-dwelling animal as a marine creature. This is a tremendous example of the commitment of evolutionists to maintain the illusion of evolutionary lineage. If that had good evidence, they wouldn't constantly cling to the most embarrassing scenarios.

Rodhocetus pelvis and hind limb actual vs imagined* Whale Evolution Claimed to be Best Fossil Evidence: Summarizing these assessments from references in Dr. Carl Werner's press release...
- The American Naturalist: Whale evolution is now known as "a seamless series of transitions"
- Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics: Whale evolution "is one of the best examples of macroevolution as documented by fossils."
- Curator Emeritus, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Whale transitions are "suddenly... one of our most widely and justly trumpeted success stories."
- San Diego State University Prof: "We don’t often get fossil intermediates so we can actually trace the development of characters" as we now can with "whales"
- Univ. of London Paleontologist: On Japan's Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo which displays, "one of the truly great transitional series in paleontology is the origin of whales."
- Richard Dawkins: says "one of the best examples" of intermediate fossils "is whales"
- And Dr. Werner finds similar claims in foreign languages, national museums, etc.

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* Cassini Spacecraft Scientist Lists Evidence for a Young Saturn: Bob and Fred also discuss the extensive evidence against an old age for Saturn and its rings as reported by one of the Cassini spacecraft's leading scientists, Dr. David Coppedge!

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