Treating Homosexuals Differently at Home and Church

* Debt Deal Doesn't Do It: According to the Congressional Budget Office, even if the long-term "cuts" imposed on future congresses, called for in this deal struck between the Republicans and Barack Obama, were strictly adhered to (which has never once happened in history), the CBO calculates that regardless, our National Debt would increase from $14 trillion to $19 trillion dollars. So much for balance budgets and actual significant cuts in the short term.

* Join Bob Thursday in Durango: Bob invites folks to join him, Lila Rose, Personhood Colorado, and Colorado Right To Life at a Durango protest of the Catholic Mercy Hospital for extending privileges to a notorious child killer, abortionist Grossman (see* Derrick from New Orleans on the Homosexual Crisis: Derrick shares the story of how the cruelty of lesbianism has hit hard all around him from at the office to family life. And he tells of Emma, the woman who repented from her lifestyle and turned to the Lord Jesus Christ. And then, sadly, of someone even more close to him and the extraordinary difficulty of reaching homosexuals with the truth of God's Word. Of course homosexuality should be re-criminalized and prohibited. But while it is "legal," Bob mentions that Paul's prohibition of interacting with those who are sexually immoral (homosexuals) applies directly to the sphere of church activities, and that in other spheres, including commerce and family, there should still be consequences, though God does not require the 100% excommunication of an unrepentant adulterer or homosexual as He does for within the church proper.

Genesis: The FallToday's Resource: Genesis: The Fall - How much time passed from the creation of Adam until the fall of Adam and Eve? The Bible has some very interesting and specific indicators that just might enable us to answer that question down to the very DAY of the rebellion. Also, have you ever wondered where Lucifer was when he fell? And why did God put Lucifer in the Garden of Eden? The answers to these questions are stunning, and extremely worthwhile in understanding the overall story of the Bible. Finally, was there an eternal decree that Adam would disobey God and thereby bring unending misery, filth, and death upon the human race? You can benefit from this very exciting Bible study!

Genesis: The Fall is one of Bob Enyart's most important studies and as Francis Stephenson from Santa Barbara, California wrote, "There are three sessions in the middle of this study that are the all-time best-ever gold standard of Bob's Bible study!" From the crew at BEL, "Thanks Francis! And yes, we agree with you!" And Francis even says if you'd like to call him about his endorsement of The Fall, you can reach him at 541-440-6670.