Using Boston Radio & the Huffington Post

Morality: Why God Forbids Sexual Immorality* While the Nation Bans Homosexual Marriage: Gregg Jackson on a Clear Channel Boston radio station, Talk 1200 AM, and Bob Enyart for American Right To Life, both blasted Mitt Romney is a pro-abortion fraud who lies to Christians to steal their votes and money.

Also In the News This Week -- American Right To Life:
- In the Huffington Post opposing Mitt Romney
- In Charisma Magazine supporting the Louisiana personhood bill
- and on and around the web with their great LA press release!

Today's Resource: Why does God forbid sexual immorality? You'll want the men in your life, husband, brother, teenage sons or grandsons, to watch this important DVD, Morality: Why God Forbids Sexual Immorality. This is Bob's most heart-rending video, telling the sad part of the story of his own life. Learn about the effects of pornography on children, and how porn can pervade a young life, in school, at camp, and sometimes even in little league. And then learn about victory, and how a man can overcome the devastation of sexual immorality.