Not Your Typical Thanksgiving Show

* Bob is Thankful, and Then Some: After listing three things he is thankful for, Bob draws together the Penn State child molestation scandal with the Disney child porn and molestation scandals, tying them to the ACLU. Bob then lists two of the factors that led to the priest molestation scandal. One factor being the decision in the 1960s to open up Roman Catholic Church seminaries to homosexuals. And a second factor, which has apparently harmed a family that attends our own Denver Bible Church, was the practice of "moving" to an unsuspecting parish a priest who was accused of child molestation. The cousin of one of our Denver Bible Church members committed suicide after leaving behind a handwritten letter detailing being molested by a priest who had been moved from Denver to Leadville, Colorado.

* Denver: Join Us on Thanksgiving for a Holiday Home Visit: You're invited to the home of an executive with the billion-dollar Weitz Construction Company who built Auschweitz, Denver's mega abortion mill. Colorado RTL members had urged Gary Meggison and other Weitz executives to not build the Planned Parenthood facility. And we promised that if they built it, we would come. For as many years as children are being killed in the facility Weitz builds, we will protest you and other collaborators at your homes. So see you tomorrow at 9:15 a.m. at 11284 W. Asbury Ave, Lakewood, Colorado. [Here's some history.]

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