Nephew David Enyart on BEL

* From South Carolina, Bob's Brother's Son: Bob overhears his nephew on the phone with a KGOV staffer and invites his nephew onto the show. In South Carolina, David and Susan Enyart have home-schooled their five children for many years. Bob's nephew David is the oldest and tells Bob about a co-worker who has been angry at God after many years of being addicted to methamphetamine. (Post-show Note: David joined Uncle Bob's 3-week Bible Tour of Turkey and you can too via Bob Enyart's narration of the locations visited and the amazing biblical and historical education gained).

* Friday at the Capitol, the Colorado March for Life!
Please join Bob and the BEL crew, Doug McBurney, Ken & Jo Scott, Leslie Hanks, Gregg Jackson, Kelly Clinger, Lolita Hanks, and a cast of thousands... well, at least hundreds :) on Friday at noon on the Capitol Steps for CRTL's 2011 March for Life!

* Finally, a Comprehensive Listing: You're Invited to check out ARTL's March for Life Finder!

A Bible Tour of TurkeyToday’s Resource: Join Bob and his friends as they tour Turkey. The Bible stories come to life as you see the actual locations of the extraordinary events in Scripture. See archeological discoveries that confirm historical accounts in God’s written word. If we can find evidence that the story of the Bible is true, perhaps then, the moral of the story may be true also! This Bible Tour of Turkey is packed with exciting details that you won’t want to miss!