RSR: Irene & Virginia: Hurricanes and Earthquakes

* Why Earthquake Shock Waves Travel Farther in the East: Real Science Friday co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart discuss Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory as a direct explanation for why shock waves travel farther on the East Coast than on the West Coast. And also, from Science Daily, how the missing crust in the Atlantic Ocean helps to explain why rock on the eastern US (and South America) is so different from the relatively crushed rock on the west coast. See also Walt Brown's brief list of 15 Reasons Why Plates Have Not Subducted! Consider also: Inner Earth may hold more water than the seas; Deep below Eastern Asia scientists discover an ocean's worth of water; and Surface water may be only a small fraction of Earth’s water (excerpted here).

* God is Not in the Hurricane Winds: Called typhoons west of the International Dateline, hurricanes are not acts of God. No wonder so many people have a hard time understanding the love of God and His offer of salvation through Jesus Christ. They hear people describing hurricanes or some other disaster as an act of God and that easily becomes a stumbling stone, like putting an obstacle in front of a blind man. God made this world as a paradise for us, and gave human beings dominion over the Earth, and when mankind sinned, that caused a curse to envelope the cosmos, so that the perfect harmony of the world was broken, and the earth's forces are no longer in balanced perfection. As the discouraged prophet Elijah learned, "a great and strong wind tore into the mountains... but the Lord was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice," (1 Kings 19).  And that voice of God told Elijah that he was not alone!

* Mile High Red Cross Drops Radio Ad: In the 1990s, the Red Cross was running a radio ad that asked, "How do you follow an act of God? By an act of man! Give to the red cross." Bob recounts talking to an official at the Colorado chapter and being surprised to hear that she understood the concern, that the ad implies that God does bad things, and people need to fix the mess that He creates. Bob was thankful that this official agreed to get that ad off the air!

* "Hypercanes" with 400 MPH Winds Possible After Global Flood: Super-powerful hurricanes, theoretically possible after the global flood, may be responsible for enormous storm surge deposits such as the Gosport Sand Member covering much of southwest Alabama.

Bob Debates Eugenie Scott, Ph.D.

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