Haley Barbour Legacy: Vote No on Life

* Haley Barbour is a Purist: And he makes the perfect the enemy of the good. (The anti-personhood pro-lifers are guilty of the very cliches that they use against the personhood movement.)

* Yes on 26 Got 42% of the Vote! Mississippi's personhood vote doubled the conventional wisdom that perhaps 20% of the public would support a total abortion ban! Of course here at BEL we were hoping for a victory, but this result brings the personhood movement further down the road toward ending child killing. Be glad that you won't be in Haley Barbour's shoes come Judgment Day. (Or will that be a barefoot event?) For Jesus especially loves children and He will not look kindly upon the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing mouthpiece for Planned Parenthood's Vote No on 26 abortion campaign. And forget Judgment Day for a moment, even regarding in the judgment of history, Imagine the "anti-slavery" governor who spoke against a plebiscite to outlaw the kidnapping of blacks for the slave trade. Pray for Barbour, because as of right now, this is his legacy before God and man.

Bob Enyart's DVD: Raising Godly Children* 6-Month's Later: Obama Supporting Libyan Tea Party: Now that we've ended our military operation in Libya, it's time to look back to the program that Doug McBurney and I did half-a-year ago on March 23 titled, Obama Supporting Libyan Tea Party about the use of America's military to support government protesters who seriously cling to their guns and religion, and I mean seriously. Indications that BEL correctly judged that it was unwise to aid this Islamic tea party are the three widely reported developments that:
1. The transitional authorities are enacting Sharia law.
2. Al Qaeda slogans are being chanted in the streets. And,
3. An Al Qaeda flag flies atop the courthouse in the nation's second-largest city.

* Hanks in The Boulder Daily Camera, Post-Show Update: In a glowing pro-abortion article about an abortion clinic founder, the college town newspaper The Boulder Camera also accidentally reported some significant truths:

"It's always wrong to kill a baby," says Leslie Hanks, vice president of Colorado Right to Life. "Women have to live with the guilt of what they did. God has written on our consciousness that it's wrong to kill an innocent life."

... Hanks of Colorado Right to Life, which has supported the personhood amendments, believes a distinct life is created at fertilization. She compares abortion with slavery. "The black man was considered property to be disposed of, used or harmed, the same way a baby is considered property of the mother. The baby is a person," she says.

From the KGOV Staff: "Thanks Leslie for being a standard bearer!"

Today's Resource: Bob presents Raising Godly Chidren, a three part video teaching series for parents on raising children to honor God.