Sin in the (Christian Music) Camp

* Pianist & Singer Kelly Clinger: talks about her tragic tour through Disney television and the secular music industry only to turn to the Lord and find out that in the Christian music industry and in mega-church worship groups all the same sin abounds, fornication, alcohol, drugs, homosexuality, and abortion. Kelly finally abruptly walked away from the worship team at an Atlanta mega church when the pastor announced that because the youth leader had impregnated a young woman, he was passing the collection plate to raise money to pay for an abortion.

* From RSR's Good Little Rat, Bad Little Bat: For one of our science programs, Clinger weighed in...

Looks like a batmouse* Discover Magazine Thinks Mutated Finger Is A Big Step Toward Flight: Really! You just can't make this stuff up! Ha!! Real Science Radio co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams get a kick out of Discover Magazine claiming that a mouse with mutated fingers, "may have instigated the evolution of mammalian flight." Before pointing out why this sounds mickey mouse to us, first consider one of the many problems that evolutionists have, which Discover admits in their article: "The fossil records show a sudden appearance of mammals [i.e., bats, which are] nearly identical to modern bats about 50 million years ago—with no transitional forms." (And with all the variation that exists among modern bats, they could have just dropped the word "nearly" from their description of Darwin's problem.)

Singer Kelly Clinger getting ready to take off... :)* Singer Kelly Clinger To Take Flight: If long fingers could really instigate the evolution of mammalian flight, we'll have to check in with the Clingers to see if Matt and Kelly have been able to keep their kids on the ground. From the Mickey Mouse Club (the real one), to touring with Britney Spears, to standing up for the Lord and the innocent unborn child, personhood advocate Kelly Clinger is a hero to Real Science Radio! As for taking flight? Kelly wrote to RSR: "Just wanted you to know that my long fingers have never caused me to take flight! :)  Thanks for the shout out on Friday!" -Kelly Clinger

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