RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 6

* Bob Enyart in Round Two with AronRa - Pt 3: Discussing YouTube videos #1 and #3 of the series titled, The Foundational Falsehoods of Creation, Bob continues his discussion with one of the web's leading anti-creationists, AronRa.

Flashback: Bob Debates Evolutionist Eugenie Scott: An avid anti-creationist vs. Bob Enyart. The debate is decided in the first round after Bob asked the well-known scientist for evidence that any high level function had ever evolved, like eye sight, or hearing, or flight, or mobility in general? Through the hour-long debate, this evolutionist refused to offer any such evidence. That is, until:

Eugenie Flubs Genetics Prediction, Bob Hits the Bull's-eye: The evidence Eugenie did offeBob Debates Eugenie Scott, Ph.D.r was Junk DNA. This scientist, from her Darwinist worldview, made a philosophical argument that a Creator would not fill our DNA with mostly junk. (Unlike the relatively few gene segments that code for the 20,000 proteins in the human body, the widespread evolutionary claim of the 1990s was that the rest of the genome had no function and so was called Junk DNA.) Bob, the Christian fundamentalist, answered from his biblical worldview, that our knowledge of genetics was in its infancy, and that it was too early to make the determination that all those non-coding segments of DNA had no function. After this 1998 debate, the next decade of explosive genetic discoveries overwhelmingly validated this creationist perspective, so much so that aside from coding for 20,000 proteins, it is estimated that the remainder of the genome has approximately one million other functional regulatory segments of DNA. So much for junk. So get this great DVD today!

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