RSR Week: Exposing a False Claim of Finding Noah's Ark

NAMI fake ark find, 2010
2nd beam: machining 'chatter'

* 2015 Update on Philip Williams & From our RSR producer Larry Wolfe, "Bob, yes, the site is where Philip Williams is still hyping the same NAMI/Parasut hoax. As you may recall, I had email correspondence with Williams back in 2015 in which he attempted to debunk Don Patton's claims as well as those of local tour guide Amy Beam, who both were exposing Parasut as a hoaxer. I asked for William's help to obtain his presentation at Giesler's SES Oct 16/17 2015 event (see below) where he apparently spoke of his personal Ararat travels. I offered to pay for a recording of his talk. I also offered him an RSR interview to discuss his findings. Nothing more came of this. Here are CMI's findings in English and in Simplified and Traditional Chinese."

* BE Note: Click on that CMI's findings links for irrefutable photogrpahic evidence from NAMI's own images showing the marks of modern woodworking power tools on what is misidentified as ancient wood.

* Dr. Don Patton in the RSR Studio: The scientist who debunked the claimed 2010 sighting of Noah's Ark, Dr. Don Patton, talks to Bob Enyart about his ascent up Mt. Ararat to investigate that claim. See Dr. Patton, and two scientists including one of Turkey's leading seismologists in this conclusive 14-minute video exposing the fraud, the exposé web page, and this conclusive photographic evidence debunking the scam.

* For Historical Purposes: NAMI stands for Noah’s Ark Ministries International. RSR is making available here NAMI's rarely seen false video...

* UPDATE: Norm Geisler and Michael Brown Taken In: In 2008 - 2010 Ahmet Ertugrul (aka Paraşüt) attempted to deceive his NAMI (Noah's Ark Ministries International) financial backers by fabricating a wooden structure on Ararat. As per the first video above and today's radio broadcast, the friend of Real Science Radio, Dr. Don Patton, exposed this fraud. After the highly respected Christians Norm Geisler (Oct. 2015) and Michael Brown (Nov. 2015) were taken in sufficiently to lend credence to this obvious fraud, our RSR producer, Larry Wolfe, has thoroughly investigated the matter.

* Statement of Kurdish Workers on Building of Ararat Ark Movie Set: See both the letter below and the lengthy page linked to by Rex Geissler in his 2010 Updates. At that link (which you can click right here: you can quickly find the information by searching that page (ctrl-f) for: transcript. And see the following...

* Letter Publicized by Archaeologist and RSR Friend Rex Geissler: See Rex's article on the history of this letter...

Apology letter from those who unwittingly build the fraudulent NAMI ark site

Architects painting of the Ark Encounter...* Dr. Patton's Own Work on Ararat: Lord willing, this summer Dr. Patton will again climb Mt. Ararat to 16,600 feet along with an extraordinary team of scientists. They will attempt to excavate through 20 feet of ice at the most-often cited location for the remnants of Noah's Ark. This follows their 2010 expedition during which one of the world's leading experts in ground-penetrating radar surveyed their target area with the latest technology and corroborated recent satellite telemetry and a claimed 1943 sighting by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ed Davis, (see drawings, etc.). Please pray for Dr. Patton's efforts and that he will have continued favor with the Turkish scientific and archaeological community, the Kurds at the base of Ararat, and the government of Turkey. 2015 Update: The Fathom Event film Finding Noah professionally documents the failure of this current phase of the search for Noah's ark. 

Ed Davis links at* Dr. Patton Helped Excavate the Pool of Siloam: A geologist and archaeological excavator, Dr. Patton has worked professionally in more than a dozen countries and has excavated the longest set of dinosaur track in the Americas. And he was an area coordinator for the important excavation of the Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem (which discovery tied into a major debate that Bob Enyart was involved in at the time).

* Help Confirm This Quote: The first editor of National Geographic magazine, Gilbert Grosvenor, is quoted as having said:  "The discovery of Noah's Ark would be the greatest archaeological find in human history, the greatest event since the resurrection of Christ, and it would alter all the currents of scientific thought." If anyone has time to research this quote, to discredit or corroborate it, Bob Enyart would be grateful. Here's our scant information: Grosvenor was Nat'l Geographic editor from 1899 to 1954 and died in 1966. A 2004 article by a Marvin Cooley writes that Grosvenor stated something like this to ark explorer Don Shockey who graduated with a degree in anthropology in 1957 from University of New Mexico. is an acquaintance of both Dr. Patton and Ed Davis. The earliest dated online reference to this quote we've found so far is from May of 1999 in an article at the Ark Research Project by Matthew Kneisler.

* Post-show Note: Also, the world's crops originated near Mt. Ararat. As reported by Dr. Walt Brown, the world's crops originated near Mt. Ararat as per a 2004 paper in the journal Science, "The wild ancestors of the seven ‘founder crops’ harvested by the world’s first farmers have all been traced to the region of southeastern Turkey..." And see the 2000 Cradle of Agriculture also in Science.

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* Depiction of Life After the Flood: From the 1866 Illustrated History of the Holy Bible, at the foot of Mt. Ararat...

1866 woodcut illustration of life after the flood at the foot of Mt. Ararat