CRSQ's Paper: The Origin of Trees Pt. 2

A palm tree* Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Trees: Real Science Friday co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss the current Creation Research Society Quarterly paper, The Origin of Trees,  by Tom Hennigan and Jerry Bergman.

* Trouble for Tree Evolution: Some organisms don't readily fossilize because they're made of soft body parts. Trees are made OF WOOD. And they supposedly evolved from non-trees starting 370 million years ago. So since countless millions of fossils have been documented, it should be easy to trace the evolution of trees. Oops. It's not. Paleobotanists document that to them the evolution of trees is a great mystery that simply has not been documented in the fossil record. "The first trees existing in the fossil record were clearly trees," concludes Hennigan and Bergman (and a whole lot of other scientists). Also, modern resin and modern seeds appear in the fossil record before they supposedly evolved. Discrediting evolution is like shooting fish in an oak barrel. (And speaking of fish... perhaps we have an Origin of Fish show in our future! :)

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