Lose the Green Jobs; Win the Drug War

* Dept. of Energy's Solar Decathlon: From the My-Father-God-Can-Whoop-Your-Mother-Earth file -- Why is the green-jobs movement a dead end? Why is there a green jobs movement? Spend $500,000 an you can live in a shoe (but it's an allegedly energy efficient shoe).

* Mexican Newspaper Editor Murdered by Drug Cartel: This tragic murder brings up the topic of the War on Drugs. At BEL, we maintain that:
1. It should be illegal to be high (intoxicated)
2. Any substance should be prohibited or controlled if its normal use makes one high

God prohibits drunkenness because a drunk is an unacceptable risk to society and to himself. Yet decades ago the federal government bribed the states to decriminalize even public drunkenness. Today, sadly, many people advocate for the decriminalization of cocaine, heroine, and many other recreational drugs. But when the normal use of a substance gets someone intoxicated, it should not be decriminalized nor be easily available over-the-counter.

Billions of people cannot get drunk on a sip of wine. Hundreds of millions cannot get drunk even on a glass of wine or a can of beer. Conversely, especially with crack (or even with the marijuana sold today at dispensaries for example), there are countless millions of people who would (and do) get high even with a single hit (normal use). That single dose affects the moral compass, and as with drunkenness, increases lust. And then of course, the more hits you take the more intoxicated you become. So while the war against drugs has been waged irresponsibly (just as the war against murder has been), here at BEL we don't advocate abandoning the war against drugs (nor the war against murder), but fighting it right and winning it.

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* Verse by Verse through Esther: In Bob Enyart's Bible Study of the book of Esther, we see that it was NOT God's plan for the king to wrongly divorce his wife, nor was it God's plan for him to commit fornication with hundreds of women, but rather, in the midst of the wickedness of man, God was able to work through those who trusted in Him to bring about a great victory! So you can enjoy Bob Enyart's Bible study on The Book of Esther! What wrong had Queen Vashti committed to justify her divorce? This study addresses the hard questions that arise when reading the fascinating book of Esther! God's enemies used the mighty King Ahasuerus almost as a pawn, and then he reversed himself and complied with the request of God's people. Did the LORD predestine these contradictory actions by the King? Did God cause hundreds of women to be sexually degraded, and did He put the Jews in great trouble just so that He could then be their hero and save them? Or were the ugly historic details of Esther the result of sinful men acting apart from God's will? Christians studying Esther can learn about how God prefers to influence the affairs of men and nations. See also Bob's seminar on Open Theism, and his study on Jonah and Nahum!

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