You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up

* Public Schools, Three Homes Weatherized, and Al Gore's Rick Perry: The $20 million dollars of hard-earned U.S. tax dollars that went to Seattle as stimulus money to create green jobs by weatherizing homes has now, more than a year later, succeeded in renovating three homes. Yes, three. And speaking of houses badly in need of environmental reality checks, like Al Gore's homes, the top two Republicans trying to God's Criminal Justice Systemmove into the white house, according to the latest nationwide Rasmussen poll, are Al Gore's former presidential campaign manager for Texas, Rick Perry, and homosexual-marriage creator and tax-funded abortion provider Mitt Romney. And finally, from the Separation of School and State file, reasons #367 and #368 to pull your kids out of our godless public school system, a first-grade teacher in Paterson, N.J. was suspended for writing on her Facebook page that she was a "warden" overseeing six and seven year old "future criminals," and then there's the Dayton, Ohio gym teacher who's been indicted for giving alcohol to and having sex with five students.

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