Uncivil Unions and Mike Pence

* Man Testifies Against Civil Unions: and then his wife explains why. (Hint: see Romans 1:24-29.)

U.S. Rep. Mike Pence* The Pence H.R. 217 Abortion Funding Bill: Jo Scott and Bob Enyart quote from Indiana's U.S. Rep. Mike Pence's H.R. 217 bill, including that it explicitly allows funding of ALL ABORTIONS DONE FOR ANY REASON at hospitals and also explicitly allows funding of the killing of some children to defund the killing of others. See American Right To Life's article on Pence and his tragic bill, as this politician follows in the footsteps of his mentor whom Pence introduced last year at an Indiana fundraiser, George W. Bush, who also campaigned against tax-funded abortion, but ending up giving Planned Parenthood over one billion dollars, including hundreds of millions of dollars more than even the Democrats were able to give to the abortion industry during the eight years of the Clinton administration.

* Caitlan from Indiana Relates an Attack on the Bible: Trying to equip Caitlan to respond, Bob presents arguments from his article in the Writings section here at KGOV, titled Polygamy and the Bible.

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