RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 7

* Bob Enyart in Round Two with AronRa - Pt 4: Bob completes his discussion with one of the web's leading anti-creationists, AronRa.

* UPDATE: Bob Enyart and AronRa Began their Debate 1-31-12 on a UK Site: Check it out!

* AS PREVIOUSLY POSTED: Is AronRa Backing Out of Written Debate Offer? On the air AronRa agreed to debate Bob in writing at League of Reason, an online venue that he's comfortable with. Our attempt to start the debate was rejected by Aron. Here's the last paragraph of his reply:

"My primary contention is with Bob’s proposal that failure to post a reply within a single week constitutes a loss by default. It normally takes me longer than that just to catch up on my email! I’m not kidding either. I don’t have assistants like yourself. Neither do I have an online ministry peddling books and DVDs and so on. I’m supposed to start my own radio show soon, apart form my podcasts with DPR Jones, but I’ll never have sheep to shear like Bob does. So I still have to work for a living, and I more work to do off the clock than on. For example, it Bob posted today, it would take me a whole month to reply to him. I have multiple presentations, promotions, and protests to prepare, and just a few weeks to complete them all. These next few months, I’ll be all over the place. I can’t put one of these real-world events on-hold, and cannot prioritize Bob above any of them. That and I also have a large and demanding family on top of everything else. At this point, the best I could agree to is no more than a month between posts. I’m sorry, but I’m already sweating just over the amount of time I took me to write this message to you." -AronRa

* Bob's Proposal to AronRa:

Now that Bob has seen your posts on, yes, he would like to have a written debate with you as you both agreed to on the air. Bob suggests the following somewhat informal format.

TITLE: Atheist AronRa and Creationist Bob Enyart Debate
TITLE: Evolutionist AronRa and Creationist Bob Enyart Debate
TITLE: AronRa and Bob Enyart Debate Creation
TITLE: _________________________________

TOPICS: as you suggested at LoR the topics will be limited to claims made during the AR/BE shows.

ROUNDS: Three.

Each round consists of ten posts, five for each side, alternating.

POSTS: Ten per round.

LENGTH: informal. But you could suggest a word limit.

DEADLINES: for posting, informal, but no response within a week ends the round in default.

LINKS: okay but actual argumentation must be included in the post.

Bob posts first in first and third rounds. Aron gets the last word in the first and final rounds, and posts first in the second round.

LEAGUE OF REASON: forum limits posting in the three threads to only AronRa and Bob Enyart. No commentary or posts from other readers. A "comments thread" for each round would be available for anyone else who wants to post.

COPYRIGHT: Both sides have the right to reproduce the debate online or in other formats.

* Standing By: By Aron's suggestion that the rules permit a month between written posts (relatively brief posts at that), a 10-round written debate would take more than a year to conduct, and three such debates might take half a decade. While Bob is eager to debate Aron, he doesn't want to marry him. It seems to us that AronRa is merely backing out of his on-air agreement that he would debate Bob Enyart in January of 2012. If Aron ever decides to debate in writing and if Bob is still alive, then Aron can accept the above format, modify it, or suggest something else, and we'll be happy to proceed! (Online thankfully there's no need to argue about the shape of the table. :)

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