Police Officer Shares His Faith with Criminals

"What Would You Do If I Killed You?" A Colorado law enforcement officer talks to Bob in studio about work and faith. A criminal who was being transported to jail asked Officer Danny, "What would you do if I got out of these cuffs and killed you?" Of course, the most direct answer is, "Die." But Danny went on to bring this criminal to his knees. Not literally of course, but in reality.

Today'sNo Fear: A Police Officer's Perspective by Robert Surgenor Resource: 18-year law enforcement officer detective Robert Surgenor wrote this important book, No Fear. Detective Surgenor has witnessed an alarming rise in defiance and a total lack of fear in America's youth. In many of today's young people, there is no fear. No fear of consequences. No fear of authority. No fear of God. A generation without conscience. Interviewing hundreds of juvenile offenders and their families, Detective Surgenor discovered that the majority of violent juvenile offenders come from...

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