Patricia Leaves Msg, Asks for Money

* How Do You Decide Whether Or Not To Give Money? Bob Enyart plays the voice mail message that Patricia left for Denver Bible Church. How do we decide when to help people who are asking for help? Bob and Paul from Colorado Springs talk about the biblical commands both to give, and to refrain from giving, to those in need and about the wisdom to know the difference.

* Peter Boyles & Frank DeAngelis Guess Wrong: Bob discusses the latest tragic school shooting. After Bob had called into another radio show on Denver's KHOW, saying that our public schools are wrong to teach against absolute right and absolute wrong, the reaction of KHOW's Peter Boyles and Columbine's principal Frank DeAngelis was sad.

* Burglar Steals Cell Phone, Ends Up in a Cell: According to an alleged CBS reporter, a burglar named Tyrell Booker stole a cell phone and the police, accessing a GPS app on the newfangled phone, tracked him to his home within an hour of his crime. Once we get a valid criminal justice system, all of our existing security precaution measures, including locks and cameras, will be mere icing on the cake, because when a government operates a godly criminal justice system then crime is deterred and our existing epidemic will end. After all, for now, It's no longer a justice system, now it's just a system.

* Finally, a Comprehensive Listing: You're Invited to check out ARTL's March for Life Finder!

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