Bob & Doug on Pot

* Married to Mary Jane: The decriminalization and legalization for “medical” purposes of marijuana is forcing many Christian churches to confront many complex issues. Hear Bob outline the biblical Christian response to the question of “medical” marijuana, intoxication, and the decriminalization of drugs in general.

* Rebuking Rihanna: Stripper and quasi-prostitute turned pop star Rihanna gets told by a Christian farmer to put her clothes back on!

* Missile Accomplished: NATO might not be able to find hundreds or even thousands of shoulder launched missiles; Bob has a feeling that somebody knows exactly where they are…

* Live Action Investigation: Lila Rose and he organization “Live Action” have exposed the gross immorality and lawlessness at Planned Parenthood. And now the RE-publican led congress has decided to investigate!  Find out why Bob is holding off on popping any champagne corks.

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