How Much Time Passed Before the Fall?

Genesis: The FallToday's Resource: Genesis: The Fall - How much time passed from the creation of Adam until the fall of Adam and Eve? The Bible has some very interesting and specific indicators that just might enable us to answer that question down to the very DAY of the rebellion. Also, have you ever wondered where Lucifer was when he fell? And why did God put Lucifer in the Garden of Eden? The answers to these questions are stunning, and extremely worthwhile in understanding the overall story of the Bible. Finally, was there an eternal decree that Adam would disobey God and thereby bring unending misery, filth, and death upon the human race? You can benefit from this very exciting Bible study!

Genesis: The Fall is one of Bob Enyart's most important studies and as Francis Stephenson from Santa Barbara, California wrote, "There are three sessions in the middle of this study that are the all-time best-ever gold standard of Bob's Bible study!" From the crew at BEL, "Thanks Francis! And yes, we agree with you!"