Report from the U.N. on Palestine

* Report from the United Nations: BEL friend Josh Craddock attended the U.N. General Assembly meeting today in New York City during Barack Obama's back-tracking on the Palestinian demand to be recognized as a nation state. Of the many problems, the Palestinians don't want a two-state solution. They want only one-state, a Palestinian state as when they turned down a two-state solution in 1947, and again in the year 2000. As to Obama's motives, it seems that he has betrayed one special interest group, at least temporarily, to appease a larger special interest group. Hoping to stem Democratic losses in 2012, Obama wants to shore up his political base by retaining the Jewish vote.

* Denver Mega-Church Bible Study Agrees with BEL on Judging: Little by little, after twenty years on air of consistently showing that THE WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST IS WRONG TO CLAIM THAT WE SHOULD NOT JUDGE, church after church, ministry after ministry, teacher after teacher, is coming around to the biblical truth that Jesus commands Christians to "judge with righteous judgment!" Please check out Bob's article, Should Christians Judge? Judge Rightly Is Not Some Guy's Name!

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