Last Minute Vote Keeps PP Doors Open

* Amazing Republican Budget Victory: Nearing midnight on Friday in Washington D.C. the Republicans held an 11th hour vote that kept Planned Parenthood's doors open. To be sure, they made some hard choices and cut funding to some government programs, but the tough deal they struck with Democrats kept the nation's largest abortion chain fully funded.

* IRS: And with tax day approaching (April 18th this year), CNN proved that they are the only media outlet than can report the possible shutdown of the IRS as bad news. But, fear not. The Republican deal kept not only Planned Parenthood's doors open, but funding for continued IRS harassment of tax payers didn't even miss a beat.

* Taking a Bite Out of the National Debt: Apparently though, there was real progress on the deficit. During last week's budget negotiations, during just last week, the national debt increased 56 billion, but don't worry, a 38 billion dollar spending reduction was negotiated. So that'll pay, what, at least a few weeks worth of the interest on the national debt? Well, it would if it were actual savings. But even that was largely illusionary. "The historic $38 billion in budget cuts… were accomplished in large part by pruning money left over from previous years, using accounting sleight of hand and going after programs President Barack Obama had targeted anyway… the cuts that actually will make it into law are… cuts to earmarks, unspent census money, leftover federal construction funding, and $2.5 billion from the most recent renewal of highway programs that can't be spent because of restrictions set by other legislation..." Etc. And as the Washington Times put it, "The final 2011 spending deal has more fingerprints of Democrats' successful defense against cuts than it does House Republicans' effort to slash federal deficits… Instead, the discretionary spending cuts come in large part from savings that would have happened anyway."

* Obama's Social Security Number: Since he registered for selective service as a teenager, Barack Obama has been using a social security number that has been discovered was issued originally to a guy from Connecticut who later died, apparently, in Hawaii where Barack Obama started using the recently deceased man's number, illegally. Now, why would his family get him a social security number illegally?

* Texas Speed Limit: Texas may raise their maximum speed limit, from 80 mph to 85! The natural speed should be determined by the type and condition of the road. Safety should be the issue, not environmental psychosis.

* Rocket Defense: Israel's Iron Dome interceptor system is working and in the last few days has protected two Jewish cities from Palestinian rockets. And have you heard the BEL Missile Defense show?

* Repossessing Iceland: Ice anyone? Icelanders voted no against negotiating a deal to repay Britain over the collapse of one of their national banks. And from the London press, Britain is taking Iceland to court to recover billions of dollars lost in their 2008 bank failure demanding repayment of every penny.

* 128 Countries Ranked by Debt to GDP: Japan is worst as 225%, Libya is best at 3%, and the U.S. is at nearly 60%. All these years that Japan has been subsidizing Americans buying Japanese products has been unfair… to Japanese taxpayers, but it has helped Americans overall.

* India has 7,000 Fewer Girls than Boys Born Daily: Like China. Really.

* Florida Mom Can't Stop Eating Her Couches: Really. The world's genomes are NOT getting better. They're deteriorating, and us along with them.

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