CRTL Kills Anti-Life Fetal Homicide Bill

Colorado Springs state Rep. Mark Waller* Rep. Waller Should Consider CRTL's Abortion-Neutral Bill: Colorado Springs Representative Mark Waller (R) proposed a 16-page "fetal crimes" bill replete with support for abortion politics that CRTL successfully worked to sack. Rep. Waller should have been replaced his legislation with this neutral, single-sentence bill written for Colorado Right To Life by a county prosecutor:

"If the commission of any crime codified in Title 18 of the Colorado Criminal Code is the proximate cause of death or injury to an unborn member of the species Homo sapiens at any stage of development, the respective homicide and assault charges for that death or injury may be brought contemporaneously with the underlying charges."

* Beginning in December Colorado Right To Life: proposed to pro-life legislators various concept statements, a full-blown bill, wording very similar to the above, and now, this latest and best example of a principled abortion-neutral fetal crimes bill. (How is it possible to have a principled abortion-neutral bill? Model it after Exodus chapter 21!) Please pray that self-described pro-life legislators will be more concerned about what God thinks than what Planned Parenthood thinks.

* Check Out Photos of Fetal Animals: At Gizmodo, the elephant will blow your mind! :)

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