Bob Enyart Reports for Jury Duty

* Frosty the Snowman Arrested in Denver: Jo Scott of Pro-life Colorado and Bob talk about the Frosty Caper at the local Planned Parenthood abortion mill and Denver's catch and release program. See the photos and video at and don't miss the Frosty lyrics below!

* God's Criminal Justice System: After being called for jury duty today, Bob describes some of the systemic failure of the U.S. criminal justice system. As Bob has said on air for twenty years, "It's no longer a justice system, now it's just a system." When our lawyers and judges say that we have the best system in the world, what they mean is that we have the highest paid judges and lawyers in the world. However, because America has among the highest rates of violent crime, murder, sexual assault, and incarceration, we have one of the worst systems in the world, that is, if results are used in the measurement of whether or not a system is good or bad. Bob also describes why the standard of proof "beyond a reasonable doubt" is an incorrect standard of justice, and what the threshold for conviction should be. Click below on the links to Bob Enyart's store to browse the KGOV Department of Government!

* Finally, a Comprehensive Listing: You're Invited to check out ARTL's March for Life Finder!

* FROSTY THE SNOW JOB: By Jamie Scofield, aka, the graphite. Sung to the tune of...

Frosty the Snow Job
was a Keystone Copper tale.
Yeah, they threatened Jo
...cuz she melted snow,
said she'd have to soon post bail...

Frosty the Snow Job
was an awful crime, they say.
Vandalizing snow
is a crime, you know,
while they kill more kids today.

. . O, there must have been
. . some sunshine on
. . that fence, said pastor Bob.
. . Cuz the cops then turned
. . around and saw that
. . the sun finished the job...

Frosty the Snow Job
Cops were lying, plain to see
They don't care if kids'
murders are well hid
in the clinic's secrecy

Frosty the Snow Job
then they let Jo off the hook
Said they didn't care
about the murders in there
They wouldn't even look

Frosty the Snow Job
Cops were hurrying on their way
Didn't write her up
Tore the ticket up
But they'll be back... again... someday!

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