Bush: For Bulbs After He Was Against Them

* Bush Banned Mercury Bulbs Outside, Mandated them Inside: The federal government is here to help and has published a short list of instructions for cleaning up a broken CFL. It turns out that George W. Bush was against mercury vapor bulbs before he was for them. After banning such mercury bulbs in 2005 from street lights out of concern for the environment, he signed the Bush Light Bulb Confiscation Act (or something like that) in 2007 putting these unhealthy and dangerous mercury vapor bulbs in every child's bedroom in America.

But don't blame Bush, he's insane and not responsible for his actions say
Bob Enyart and his guest co-host Gregg Jackson. Gregg emceed the 2007 and 2008 CPAC presidential candidates sessions, who appears in ARTL's Ann Coulter Hang-ups YouTube video (now at over 48,000 views!), authored the best-selling Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies, and has co-authored the upcoming blockbuster expose of the religious right industry: We Won't Get Fooled Again!  

* John Kerry's Child-Porn Defendant Lost His Silver Star: It turns out that the guy who introduced Kerry at his DNC convention and who also defended him against the Swift Boat accusations of being a traitor has had his own fraudulently earned Silver Star medal revoked and in an unrelated case, is spending three years in a federal prison on child pornography charges.

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