RSR: Perfect Camouflage of Color Blind Octopus

* A Stunning Ability of the Octopus; the Invalid B.C.E. Dating; & HibernationReal Science Radio co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart discuss more great news stories from the winter 2012 edition of Creation magazine including:
- the extraordinary ability of the color blind octopus (as shown in the YouTube video below) to turn color almost immediately to camouflage itself

- [Post-show update: An octopus can also mimic objects in its environment, as at right, like a conch shell.]
- the confused effort of the politically correct to do away with the use of B.C. & A.D.
- bears hibernating
- the fast and massive lava flow on the planet Mercury
- tree buyers around the world being unexcited about the supposedly millions-of-years-old Wollemi pine.

Screenshot of Bob's comment at the Daily Mail on no such thing as "common era" and that BCE and ACE thankfully backfire
On those replacing B.C. and A.D. with B.C.E. and A.C.E.   



* Post-Show Note: Real Science Radio is looking for a sketch artist! Help us create the RSR Dawkins Color Vision Challenge! Similar to our PZ Myers Trochlea Challenge (for which PZ honestly answered, "I don't know"), Bob and Fred are constructing a similar challenge but this time for Richard Dawkins, and regarding a different aspect of the alleged evolution of vision. The guys are hoping to get an artist to volunteer to sketch their challenge, and also, they're eager to get comments and constructive criticism emailed to them on the challenge itself.

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