"Courageous" Actor Ken Bevel & Mississippi Update

* At a Theater Near You (and on BEL) - Ken Bevel: Bob Enyart interviews Sherwood Pictures actor Ken Bevel who stars in the current box office hit Courageous.


* Ken Bevel's Character Grew Up Without a Dad: Post-show note: Back in 1960 about 11% of kids lived apart from their fathers. 1 in 10. That was terribly sad. But by 2011, that number has more than doubled to where in America, now 27%, more than 1 in 4 children, are growing up without a dad in the home. And the percent of kids growing up with an absent mom has also doubled, so that today we have 35%, or more than one in three children, who are not growing up with both parents at home. In a related tragedy, while in 1960 more than 70% of adult Americans were married, today, it's only about half, with 50% of adults unmarried today.

* Cheryl Enyart Calls In from the Mississippi Campaign Trail: While out distributing Personhood Amendment 26 literature, Bob's wife Cheryl gives a quick account of one woman who wanted to talk, but almost couldn't...

* Amendment 26 Campaigner / Radio Host Coach Dave: Long time BEL friend and Ohio talk show host Coach Dave Daubenmire is also in Biloxi, Mississippi campaigning for the Personhood Amendment 26. Coach gives us an update from Mississippi and about the Ohio personhood effort!

* Amendment 26 Press Conference Statement on the So-Called Rape Exception:

* Flashback to Fireproof: In 2008 Bob interviewed actress Erin Bethea who appeared with Ken Bevel in the movie Fireproof, another Christian movie which did well at the box office!  Facing the Giants is among Sherwood Picture's other films which also performed well.

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