Ninth Circuit Nonsense from Reagan Judge

Z-pinch machine* 9th Circuit Court OKs Public Schools Mocking Christians: Led by a Reagan judge, a 9th-circuit panel rules in favor of a public school teacher who mocked those who believe in a Creator God. Bob talks about the impossibility of neutrality when it comes to the subject of God as Creator, and also about the blatant contradiction of the 9th-circuit's ruling as compared to their own 1994 ruling against a creationist teacher.

* Darren from St. George, Utah on Radioactivity: Darren asked Bob for suggestions on how to get into public schools to present scientific evidence for creation. Of course, far more important, and effect, than getting a Christian worldview into the public schools is getting the students out! Additionally, in reply to Darren's questions about radioactive decay, the two discussed:
Carbon 14 able to date things only to thousands of years
Zircon crystals retain so much helium they disprove old dates
- Walt Brown's paper on The Origin of Earth's Radioactivty
- And see to hear Dr. Joshua Spencer, Ph.D. in nuclear engineering.  

* Wayne from Nebraska: Discussing radioactivity, Bob strongly urges Wayne to consider Walt Brown's theory which is based on testable physical phenomena.

Bob Debates Eugenie Scott, Ph.D.

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