RSR: The Origin of Trees

A tree* Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Trees: While Fred Williams is away, Real Science Radio co-host Bob Enyart discusses the current Creation Research Society Quarterly paper, The Origin of Trees,  by Tom Hennigan and Jerry Bergman.

* All Things Trees on BEL & RSR:
 - RSR's Origin of Trees (this program)
- Evolutionists cutting down Darwin's tree of life
- RSR's Tree rings, dendrochronology, and a young earth
- RSR on the data squeezing the timeline of the rise of "modern" trees
- DNA hierarchy shows Darwin's tree or the Creator's code library
- Bob Enyart's The Tree (of the knowledge of good and evil)! 

* RSR Flashback on Tree Rings: Bristlecone pine tree rings do not provide evidence as claimed by evolutionists of an age for the Earth greater than the Bible's record. The refereed scientific Journal of Creation presents the overwhelming evidence that these trees growing in the arid White Mountains of California, one of the driest places on earth, grow multiple rings per year. Thus once again scientifically careful research, this time in dendrochronology, is consistent with biblical chronology! RSR 20070302

* Plant Cells Make Statoliths that Sink: How does the root know which way is down, and the stem know which way is up? Plant cells make statoliths that are dense and heavy (lith is a Greek root, pun intended, for stone) and when the statoliths sink, like a stone, the plant knows which was is up and which way is down. Isn't God cool? RSR 20110513

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