RSR Interviews ID Author Jonathan Witt Pt. 2

* Intelligent Design Uncensored: The National Academy of Sciences' Philip Skell describes the recent Dembski-Witt ID book as "A five-star fantastic voyage!" Bob Enyart and Dr. Jonathan Witt talk through the easy-to-understand guide to the Intelligent Design controversy that he co-authored with William Dembski.

* Investigating the Claimed Materialistic Origin of the Cell: While taking the audience on a tour inside a living cell and discussing its extraordinary complexity, Dr. Witt recommends the book, The Signature in the Cell, by Stephen Meyer, to investigate the naturalistic origin of life claims. Cell animation, as in this narrated YouTube video, is helping the general public become aware of the intensive cooperation of thousands of complex machines within each cell:



* Listen First to Part 1: Before listening to this conclusion of the discussion, if you haven't yet heard it, we invite you to click on over to Part 1 of the RSR Interview of Dr. Witt.

Please Note: The Intelligent Design movement, including Jonathan Witt, accept the billions-of-years age of the earth that was established by the dating of meteorites, rather than the young earth as portrayed in Scripture. See the many and growing evidences for a young earth including:
- the flood of "soft-tissue" dinosaur finds (now that it's no longer taboo to look for biological material in fossils)
- the C-14 found everywhere it's not supposed to be including in amber, fossils, and diamonds
- the growing list of phenomena for which scientists have dropped the "millions of years" origin claim for formation in thousands of years, months, or even in minutes.

Spike Psarris fabulous video, What You Aren't Being Told...With all that said, we're also thankful for Dr. Witt's testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ. And just as we use discoveries from Einstein and Hubble, we are eager to use scientific evidence against evolution amassed by Phillip Johnson, Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, Charles Thaxton, William Dembski, Dr. Witt and others in the ID movement. But we hope that they will re-evaluate age in light of the mountain of evidence for a young earth. After all, realization that the evidence demonstrates that the earth is young is a 100% effective antidote to atheism.

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