Ray Comfort on BEL about "180" The Movie

* No Comfort for the Abortionists: Bob Enyart interviews Ray Comfort about his extraordinary video that documents people changing their minds from being "pro-choice" to pro-life literally in seconds. This is stunning and you can listen to Bob and Ray, and then watch the 180 Movie right here on KGOV...

180 The Movie, by Ray Comfort, on abortion

* Teach People They're Animals & They Act Like Animals: In 2020 we decided to begin a list right here of how people differ from animals. God gave to plants only a body, and to animals He gave them a body and a soul, with different depths or quality of soul to different kinds of animals. (Insects and some other biological entities have no soul and are more like biological robots. [Update: See CMI's 2/18/21 Organic ‘robots’ and a definition of life.]) To people, God gave us a body, soul, and spirit. Whereas even animals can exhibit emotion, altruism, etc., thereby affirming creationism. Undermining Darwinism are animals that, for example, adopt orphaned young of other species or even across predatory boundaries. Perhaps you can email us your thoughts on this? to Bob@kgov.com

* RSR's List of Things People Do that Animals Can't: For starters, unlike animals, people:
- cloth themselves
Mathematical symbol for the square root of negative one with a halo over it :)- work with the square root of -1
- write and read
- blush
- perform religious rituals
- recognize that "mere" thoughts can be evil
- intentionally commit suicide
- ask questions (which not even the signing apes do)
- avoid pleasures out of concern for distant consequences
- bury their dead (despite absurd claim that elephants do)
- can make music (to enjoy as opposed to functional bird calls)
- stand erect with a heavenly rather than an earthly gaze
- procreate beings with spirits
- think about origins.
If you can find on Google some popular atheist or evolutionist who claims that animals do ponder metaphysical questions, remember BEL's D.O.P.E. test: "The most famous evolutionist is the one who can say the greatest absurdity with the straightest face." Also, as we build this list, we'll keep in mind Darwin's claim that the cognitive powers of human beings differ from those of apes in degree but not in kind. (That reminds us of his failed predictions about human language.) Also, Current Biology over at cell.com, "So is animal song music? Not all scholars consider animal song to be conceptually analogous to human music. For instance, Marc Hauser and John McDermott reject this analogy, contrasting the specific functional role of animal song in territorial defense and mate attraction with human music, which they consider to be 'characteristically produced for pure enjoyment'..." Hmm. RSR agrees with the dissent, Hauser and McDermott, on this one. After all, when was the last time you saw sixty birds gathered on a lawn to listen to one sing for an hour? And who enjoys birdsong probably a thousand times more than the other, a bird or a human? And btw, this nascent Ways Humans Differ from Animals list is mentioned over at rsr.org/lists.

* Hell's 2nd Best Kept Secret: Ray Comfort explains that it's not possible to murder a horse or a turtle, but murder only applies to human beings because we are made in God's image and likeness. Abortionists and the unrepentant who support them, (along with everyone who has not turned to Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness of sin) are headed to eternal separation from God. Ray points out that if someone supports a candidate who's policy supports the killing of "even a single unborn child", he is guilty of murder and has blood on his hands before God. Thanks Ray! And just in time for Mississippi's Personhood Amendment 26 vote on November 8th!

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