RSR: Human & Dino Footprints are Real

Dino tracks trail 1* Lengthy Dinosaur and Human Footprint Trails: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart concludes that the leading biblical creation ministries should once again acknowledge the validity of the contemporaneous human and dinosaur footprint fossils. The scientist who debunked the claimed 2010 sighting of Noah's Ark, Dr. Don Patton, talks to Bob about his work excavating the longest dinosaur footprint tracks in North America, and about the human foot prints in and around those dinosaur prints! See the footprints at

* UPDATE: With Don Patton in Kentucky, Bob Enyart took photographs of human footprints in Pennsylvanian sandstone. See them at

Dino tracks trail 2* Dr. Patton Helped Excavate the Pool of Siloam: This geologist and archaeological excavator has worked professionally in more than a dozen countries and helped excavate the historically and biblically important Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem. Unknown to either of us in 2005, Don's work  tied into a major debate that Bob Enyart was then involved in. 2019 Update: Archaeologists have opened up to tourists the recently discovered 2,000-year old road to the Temple from the Pool of Siloam, where Jews cleansed ceremonially before entering the Temple grounds.

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