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* Christianity Today Denies that God Made Adam from the Dust of the Earth: Real Science Friday co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart look at the cover story, The Search for the Historical Adam, in the current edition of Christianity Today. The liberal churches that affirm abortion and homosexuality and that deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ -- all began their moral and spiritual slide by denying the historicity of the foundation book of Genesis. Christianity Today is following in their footsteps with their claim that God put a human soul into animals that had evolved from ape-like creatures.Ape-like creatures that didn't evolve into men

* Looking at CT's Scripture and Science: As for the Scripture, Bob and Fred point out that Moses, Paul, and Jesus all referred to Adam as a literal person and the creation account is presented as historical, with Jesus reminding people that God made them, male and female, at the beginning of creation. And they explain something that Christianity Today leaves out of their article, that that those who do away with a literal Adam, also do away with the biblical teachings of no death before Adam, the six literal days of creation, the global flood, the order of the days of creation, and they even weaken the veracity of the genealogy of Jesus Christ as given in the New Testament. As for the science, something that Christianity Today's editors left out of the discussion, is this information about Adam and Eve from the article titled, Why Was Canaan Cursed?

Actual measured mutation rates for mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), as reported by Ann Gibbons in Science magazine, indicate that if these rates have been constant, "mitochondrial Eve… would be a mere 6000 years old." From an anthropology professor's popular article, "Analyses of the mitochondrial DNA of living humans from around the globe have shown that all are ultimately descended (if we trace exclusively through female links) from a common ancestress..." The same result would occur if in fact we have all descended from an original, created biblical Eve. However scientists quickly point out that their analysis doesn't require a biblical Eve. For example, you and all your full siblings have your maternal grandmother's mtDNA and yet you are all also descended from another woman from her generation, your paternal grandmother. Yet this finding does falsify two evolutionary expectations, the first from an old minority view held by evolutionists like the discoverer of "Peking Man," that humans evolved from parallel hominid groups. Secondarily, just as the discovery of soft-tissue from a T-rex falsified the evolutionary expectation that we would never find original biological material from dinosaur fossils, the recent age of mitochondrial Eve falsifies the mainstream Darwinist expectation that she would have been much older. That expectation is falsified whether we use the 6,000 year date which is based on exclusively human DNA and documented mutation rates, or even when evolutionists stretch that date by one or two orders of magnitude as they do by including chimp DNA in their data set. Either way, this finding falsifies the evolutionary expectation that such an Eve would have lived much earlier. Likewise, scientists have discovered a recent Y-chromosomal Adam. As Dr. Walt Brown summarizes all this, "How likely is it that other men lived a few thousand years ago but left no continuous male descendants, and other women lived 6,000 years ago but left no continuous female descendants, and we end up today with a world population of almost 7 billion people?" Extraordinarily unlikely. So just as most astronomers came to admit, uneasily, that the universe had a beginning (but still they reject Genesis by holding to an increasingly untenable Big Bang theory), so too evolutionists are acknowledging much of what the biblical creation model predicts about the human genome, while not realizing that the historic events recorded in Genesis help wonderfully to account for their data. For the Bible says that God recently created Adam and his wife, and that "Eve... was the mother of all." more...

* To be continued...


Bob debates a geophysicist on the age of the earth

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