CERN Broke Light's Speed Limit? Nope!

Bug wing vein design crucial for aerodynamics* Insects, Arachnids, and the Speed of Light & Flight: Real Science Radio co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart discuss locust wings creasing for flight along their veins, and about tarantula feet equipped with nozzles to shot out Kevlar-strength silk to avoid falls, and about the European researchers who claimed, and then later retracted, breaking the speed of light by shooting neutrinos 450 miles from Geneva to Sasso, Italy.

* Stretch Cosmology & the Day 3 Analogy: Atheists rarely acknowledge that they have the same speed-of-light problem as do young earthers, and for them, is called the Horizon Problem. Well, 85% of the way into today's program, Bob describes a perspective on the creation week that may help answer the starlight and time question. RSR draws an analogy between the pulling of plant growth out of the ground with the pulling of light out of the stars during what the Bible eleven times refers to as God stretching out the heavens.

* Locust Wings are WAY More Sophisticated than Expected: According to Creation magazine's Fall 2011 issue, the reason that designers of mini flying robots have not been able to demonstrate good aerodynamics even after imitating the size and shape of flapping insect wings is because, according to research from Oxford, insect wings deform along their vein structures to add flight control. Wow! Cool God!

* Tarantulas' Different Need, and Perfect Foot Design: First it was Kevlar-strength silk. Then it was cross-linked glue molecules to catch insects. Now it's nozzle-equipped feet. Real Science Radio has enjoyed talking about the amazing design features of spiders. Now, Creation magazine reports the latest research that shows that tarantulas have many nozzles in the bottoms of their eight feet that shoot out super-strength silk to help stabilize themselves on slippery surfaces because while other spiders are rarely injured in falls, these relatively heavy tarantulas get severely injured even from relatively minor falls.

2012 Update: The claim has been retracted and attributed to a lack of quality control (at a miniscule level). As RSR reported at the time:

* Researchers at CERN May Have Shot Out Neutrinos Faster than Light Speed: The European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) this week published a report about neutrinos they shot out of a particle accelerator at faster than the speed of light, from near Geneva, to a lab in Sasso, Italy 450 miles away, with an arrival time 60 nanoseconds earlier than the speed of light. (To extrapolate to help us visualize the speed difference, traversing a distance that photons would cover in 21 days, these neutrinos would arrive about an hour sooner.) Bob and Fred discuss this possibility, and talk about the starlight and time problem for Big Bang atheists and about a biblical answer for the Christian's starlight and time question.

* LOOK WHAT THE LORD HATH WROUGHT! This stunning animation comes to us from the anti-Darwinist intelligent design folks over at the Discovery Institute.


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Bob Debates Eugenie Scott, Ph.D.

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Eugenie Flubs Genetics Prediction, Bob Hits the Bull's-Eye: Eugenie Scott offered the "evidence" for evolution of Junk DNA. This scientist, from her Darwinist worldview, made a philosophical argument that a Creator would not fill our DNA with mostly junk. (Unlike the relatively few gene segments that code for the 20,000 proteins in the human body, the widespread evolutionary claim of the 1990s was that the rest of the genome had no function and so was called Junk DNA.) Bob, the Christian fundamentalist, answered from his biblical worldview, that our knowledge of genetics was in its infancy, and that it was too early to make the determination that all those non-coding segments of DNA had no function. The next decade of explosive genetic discoveries overwhelmingly validated this creationist perspective, so much so that aside from coding for 20,000 proteins, it is estimated that the remainder of the genome has approximately one million other functional regulatory segments of DNA. So much for junk. Fulfilled predictions, as the world saw with Einstein, go toward scientific credibility. However, Dr. Scott strongly rejected this creationist prediction making an extraordinary claim, which Bob immediately offered her to retract, that scientists currently knew everything they would ever need to know about genetics to conclusively state that all those regions were useless junk. Bob would love a rematch. But Eugenie Scott, (Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology, leading anti-creationist, and director of the National Center for Science Education), who had just debated evolution on a nationwide PBS television program, ended this one-hour program with Bob stating, "Well, I don’t debate."

* No UFOs, No Aliens: The updated and maintained version of this list is over at This list is based on the work of Gary Bates over at! We may update this list occasionally. Of the few NASA engineers and astronauts who we've interviewed, one of our RSR guests, Captain Alan Bean, who was one of the men who made the amazing accomplishment of walking on the moon, nonetheless, believes that aliens exist. So we'll update this list over at
1. As a general rule, no two UFOs are ever alike (including the 2019 U.S. Navy "sightings", which highlights the absurdity that we're constantly visited by different alien races or that the same shy aliens have sent thousands of different models of spacecraft)  
2. We've never seen them entering our atmosphere (they're always already here when they're seen).
3. They change shape; they morph. How can nuts and bolds spacecraft do that?

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