RSR Week: Don't Blink

Kearns' Intermittent Wiper* Biomimetics and the Kearns' Blinking-Eye Wiper: God's design of mankind's blinking eyelids inspired American inventor Robert Kearns to patent an intermittent windshield wiper. The average human being blinks 500 million times providing crucial maintenance for our eyes. And on this Real Science Radio show co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart make the first-ever official RSR prediction.

Kearns' original patent application

* RSR Prediction #1: Dawkins and Eye Wiring: Real Science Radio makes a prediction that atheist Richard Dawkins will never again repeat his discredited claim that the human eye was poorly designed in that it is "wired backwards." It turns out that the "backwards" wiring of the human eye has extraordinary design advantages including that it enables the rapid replacement of cells destroyed by bright light. Fred makes an ancillary prediction that evolutionists generally will keep referring to this discredited claim. (And see our PZ Myers Trochlea Challenge, when PZ went all ad hominum on us, and so we went all ad hominid onHuman eye him.) Our Dawkins' prediction would be falsified the moment he repeats his claim but it can't be confirmed until or unless he turns to Christ, or acknowledges the hand of the Designer, or at least retires from his public activities. See our many follow-on prognoses at

* How Should Patents Function? First, some background. Decades ago for the publisher Nolo, Bob Enyart edited two books, one on Trademarks and one on Copyrights. Also, a while back Bob was the president of a tech startup called 900Email. His vice president was Jim Fannela, former senior VP of Yahoo Inc. (back when they had money) who managed a fifth of the company’s global enterprise revenue. The CTO was the software architect of a leading airline reservation system. 900Email software enabled users to put a postage price on their email inbox, 1 cent, or whatever, toward ending spam. Well, we tried. :) Anyway, when the USPTO rejected 900Email's application, Bob hired an attorney with the intellectual property division of Patton Boggs (the Lanny Davis firm) to prosecute the patent for us. Through those experiences, Bob has come to the conclusion that patents are often handed out too easily, and (almost unavoidably by the current system), politically. Another KGOV recommendation: We recommend that the patent application process be privatized like the Underwriters Laboratories (as in UL Listed). Currently, a government worker judges whether or not an application is sufficiently novel. Instead, the applicant should present the problem that his invention addresses (has solved) to "Patent Underwriters Laboratories". As with UL and the USPTO, a fee would be charged for this proposed process. PUL then "crowd-sources" the challenge online to the general public and to engineers worldwide, all of whom have a month to offer their own solutions to the problem. PUL at its descretion may assign some of it's own engineering talent to the task, and competition may motivate firms in related industries to put some of their own engineers on various problems. All proposed solutions enter the public domain. If no equivalent or better solution to the problem is proposed, the patent is granted. Patents are granted for the inventor's lifetime or a minimum of thirty-three years.

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