We Ask A Population Expert About Our 7 Billion People

* Steve Mosher Busts the Over-Population Myths: Bob Enyart talks with the president of the Population Research Institute...
- about the world population reaching seven billion people
- about Russia's underpopulation crisis
- about China's low population density compared to its neighbors with much higher standards of living, and
- about Pat Robertson who defended even China's forced abortion on CNN. For in addition to the Pro-life Profile of Pat Robertson, Steve Mosher provided further reasons for condemning televangelist Pat Robertson's defense of even forced abortion in China.

* Is Bob Enyart's 15-Year-Old Article Still Relevant: Is the World Over-Populated? No.

* Victim of Forced Abortion Shiu Yon Zhou: Bob shared Zhou's story with Mosher, Zhou being a longtime friend of BEL.

* Mosher First American To Witness Chinese Forced Abortion: As a researcher in the anthropology department at Stanford University, Mosher went to China and for his effort at exposing forced abortion, he was expelled from Stanford's Ph.D program. His crime? Mosher published an article in Taiwan about his experiences in Guangdong. The Chinese government was angry and embarrassed by the contents of his book Broken Earth, which revealed among other things that forced abortions were common in China as a part of its one-child policy. Stanford apparently gave into pressure from the Chinese communist government under the guise of punishing Mosher for releasing photos of potentially identifiable Chinese women undergoing abortions, suggesting that Stanford would also dismiss a researcher for publishing photos of Jews in concentration camps while trying to bring attention to their plight.

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