RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 4

* Bob Enyart's Round Two Interviews with AronRa: On the Foundational Falsehood videos, specifically #1 and #3, Bob begins a new round of programs with one of the web's leading anti-creationists, AronRa.

* Program Note: Next week RSR will continue broadcasting our conversations with atheist and evolutionist AronRa.

* Hollywood Finally Gets Scopes Trial Right: Enjoy this feature film about the Scopes Monkey Trial starring Brian Dennehy (Rambo), Fred Thompson (Law & Order), Colm Meany (Star Trek), Ashley Johnson (The Help), Nathan West and Khori Faison. This great movie Alleged, available at Walmarts nationwide, is accurate to the history and trial transcript of the Scopes Monkey Trial unlike Hollywood's previous Inherit the Wind attempt. Order your copy today. Alleged is available from Amazon or pick it up from your local Walmart or order it online at Walmart DVD or Walmart Blu-ray. Enjoy!

* RSR AronRa Conversations with Creationist Bob Enyart:

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