Mississippi Reports on Personhood Election

* Hear Field Coordinator Chet Gallagher: From the gulf coast, Chet Gallagher gives an update on the status of Mississippi's Amendment 26 personhood campaign. Bob and Chet talk about the misinformation aired on NPR today, and they list the ways that people around the country can help in these last days before the November 8th election. Things YOU CAN DO to Pass Amendment 26:

1. Make some phone FUN calls from your home: This is real easy, and extremely interesting! Just call Personhood USA at 303-456-2800 and tell them you'd like to join the phone bank team, and they'll get you set up. Perhaps spend just a couple hours calling. You'll love it!

Vote for Personhood in Mississippi!

2. Boots on the Ground -- Go to Mississippi to Help: Join Chet Gallagher, the Personhood USA team, CRTL's Leslie Hanks, Bob's wife Cheryl, and the 71 folks (in Chet's coastal district alone). There's plenty to do, so if you can, call Pro-Life Mississippi at 601-956-8636 and just pick up and go!

3. Support Colorado RTL's Round 3 and Mississippi's A26 By Donating NOW
: Make a donation to Colorado RTL this week and they'll split it with Mississippi to help fund the crucial last days of the campaign there and to prepare to launch Colorado's Round 3 to get on the ballot for November 2012! Just call CRTL at 303-753-9394 or go to ColoradoRTL.org/donate!

4. Equip Yourself with the Personhood Talking Points: Read the campaign's talking points at Pro-Life Mississippi or check AmericanRTL.org/Talking-Points.

Post-show Note: Now that the U.S. has ended its military operation in Libya, in addition to the transitional authorites there enacting Sharia law, and in addition to all the Al Qaeda slogans being chanted, there's an Al Qaeda flag flying atop the courthouse in the nation's second-largest city. See Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney's presient show from March 23 titled, Obama Supporting Libyan Tea Party about the use of America's military to support the Libyan Tea Party with its government protesters who seriously cling to their guns and religion.

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