Victory Crashed Down On Their Heads

* On the Eve of the Mississippi Personhood Vote: CRTL's Leslie Hanks joins Bob Enyart in studio to present a pro-abortion account from The American Prospect magazine about how the personhood movement has exploded onto the scene and got to this point in just a few short years. The article, Moment of Conception, dates the traction of the personhood movement to the colossal fiasco of the partial-birth abortion ban, which "victory" exposed to the rank-and-file pro-lifers to failure of regulating abortion and the need to return to first principles and advocacy of the God-given right to life of the unborn child.

Vote for Personhood in Mississippi!* Bob and Leslie Ask for Prayers for Laura Triem: 21-year-old Laura Triem was on her way to work at the Cheesecake Factory Friday at 4 p.m. and was hit by one of Denver's light rail trains. She was still in critical condition at show time today. Please pray for Laura, her family, and for wisdom for all involved including the doctors. Laura is the eldest daughter of a long-time friend of BEL and a tremendous supporter of personhood, Mike Triem, the general manager of Denver's Crawford Broadcasting stations including AM 670 KLTT.

* Win or Lose in Mississippi, Please Donate Now for Round 3
: Make a donation to Colorado RTL today so that we can all begin working together to launch Colorado's Round 3 to get on the ballot for November 2012! We went from a 3-to-1 loss in 2008, and narrowed the gap to a 2-to-1 loss in 2010, and looking forward to God's blessing through to victory, now we will work to educate more people about the God-given right to life. Just call CRTL at 303-753-9394 or go to!

* Watch 9News tonight at 5:00: Update: Bob appeared appeared briefly on Denver's NBC affiliate 9News about Mississippi's personhood vote. Asked about what the Supreme Court might do if personhood passes, Bob told 9News: "Human rights movements have a way of making government bureaucrats irrelevant." 9News tries to be dismissive about the wonder and sanctity of the new child's life at the moment of conception by constantly referring to the "Fertilized Egg Amendment." However the Carnegie Institute's world-renowned publication on the development of human life states that the word "egg," has "no scientific usefulness," especially not for the new single-celled living human organism, and that, "The term "egg" is best reserved for... the breakfast table." Get references at

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