Now it's Jo Scott who's Out of Time

* Tomorrow Jo Scott Will Be Sentenced for Talking with a Woman: Pro-life hero Jo will be sentenced in a Denver courthouse tomorrow morning after being convicted for speaking to a woman. You're invited to come on out to provide moral support for Jo and her husband Ken at the Lindsey Flanigan courthouse at 400 West Colfax Ave (two blocks west of the Denver Mint, three blocks west of the Denver City and County Building) at 9:00 a.m. in room #302 with Judge Claudia Jordan.

 * Justice by Committee Fails Again: A jury convicted Jo Scott on two charges of talking to someone, allegedly "in a manner likely to provide a violent or disorderly response." The jury determined this when the complaining witness described Jo's demeanor as "worried," worried that is, concerned, for the complainant, and "calm." If you can help by donating toward the cost of Jo Scott's appeal, please make sure your gift is designated for Jo Scott at Life Legal Defense Foundation!

AT THE LAST MOMENT BOTH WOMEN WALK OUT OF THIS CAMERA SHOT: But the alleged crime occurred when the car drives past (so that's on the video), and the complaining witness discounts the prosecutors claims while on the stand, and the prosecutors chose to not enter video into evidence even though they had it, so here it is:


* "The Killing Place" Already Upheld as Free Speech
: From Celebrate Life, Sept/Oct 1993:

U.S. Appeals Court Judge Stephen Anderson recently reversed a 1991 federal district court decision when he ruled that the free-speech rights of two pro-life women had been violated by two Denver police officers who arrested the women during a January 1988 demonstration. The officers had asked Joan Cannon and Leila Jeanne Hill to cover their sign, which read: "The Killing Place." When the women refused, the officers arrested them on charges of disturbing the peace. Anderson ordered "the plaintiffs' cause remanded for further proceedings."

 * CONTINUED: A Biblical PROOF that GOD IS IN TIME and Experiences Change in Sequence: This excerpt is from Proof from the Bible that God is In Time, an article here at in Bob's Writings: In the "eternal state" before the foundation of the world God the Son was not also the SON OF MAN; then He "became" flesh as "the Son of Man" and so the Son remains eternally "the Man Jesus Christ" (1 Tim 2:5). more...

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