RSR: Plants Know Up from Down

Heavy cell structures sink showing the plant which way is up* Why Don't All People Know the Same? Not all people know up from down, but plant cells do. Real Science Radio co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart discuss plants, beetles, and sharks as described in Ken Ham's current Answers magazine!

* Plant Cells Make Statoliths that Sink: How does the root know which way is down, and the stem know which way is up? Plant cells make statoliths that are dense and heavy (lith is a Greek root, pun intended, for stone) and when the statoliths sink, like a stone, the plant knows which was is up and which way is down. Isn't God cool?

Bob piloting chopper during attack... not!* Beetles Seek Out Forest Fires: The Melanophila beetle can sense a forest fire by detecting a few parts per billion of smoke particles and by it's infrared capability that exceeds the military's in sophistication! Bob describes using an infrared vision system in the Apache helicopter.

* Did You Know that Sharks are Warm-Blooded? If not, don't feel bad. Neither did they! Sharks can maintain their body temperatures up to 38 degrees Farenheit higher than the surrounding ocean temperature. And they do this using the same technology used in giraffes, camels, and birds. 

Bob Debates Eugenie Scott, Ph.D.

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