Personhood Data Czar Drew Hymer

* Personhood Data Czar Drew Hymer on BEL: Drew describes an immediate need, for volunteers to do data entry from their own computers, to help enter the petition names and addresses for the 2011 Mississippi personhood campaign! Just go right now to!

* Thoughts on Threats: After three criminals were arrested for burning a cross as a threat near the home of a black family, Bob talks about the need for prosecutors to be able to charge criminals with threats against groups. All crimes like rape and murder are hate crimes, of course, and so the name "hate crime legislation" is unfortunate. But the crime of seriously threatening one or more people is a real crime. Similarly, the threat of terrorism is actual or threatened violence by individuals or civilian groups who are trying to impose their own domestic or foreign policy, such as no Jews allowed in East Jerusalem, or no blacks allowed in Bass River Township New Jersey. A problem with hate crime legislation, in addition to its name, which undermines the hate of all other murders, sexual assaults, arsons, and so on, is that hate crime legislation is typically designed to intimidate Christians, and even Muslims and observant Jews, from teaching what is traditional biblical morality against fornication and sexual perversion. This problem is virtually intractable; not that we should give up on it, but we recognize that it's difficult to get a government that's increasingly hostile to God and biblical morality to tolerate the warnings that are a part of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, Keep the commandments, Do not murder (which includes your offspring, born or unborn), Do not commit adultery (including of course homosexual acts), and if you do these things, and covet, and steal, and disobey God in various ways, you will not inherit eternal life. So hate crime legislation ultimately is targeted against Christians preaching the Gospel. Regardless though, prosecutors should be able to charge people with threats, and the more people that you seriously harm, by threats or otherwise, the greater the crime, and the more severe the punishment should be. So for a government that rejects God and His criminal justice system, this problem is virtually intractable. But we Christians must preach the truth, in season and out of season, because along the way we win people to salvation in the Lord! Here at BEL we would throw the book at these three threatening racists. And if Bob were judge, in addition to them paying some kind of restitution to the victims, Bob would have them flogged.

* Gospel Message: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented in ways understandable to all kinds of different people at

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