Visualize a Convicted Philly Abortionist

* Grand Jury Testimony Against Philly Abortionist: Jo Scott presents to Bob Enyart and the audience details from the grand jury testimony against Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell who stabbed to death seven babies because they were not wanted by their mothers and because he was being paid to kill them. Only because he killed these children a moment after they were delivered, rather than just before, he's in big trouble with the public and with the authorities. But he's in big trouble with God for all the children he's killed, whether they were in or out of the womb at the time.

Popular Journalist Evans Says Governor Realizes There's No Birth Certificate in Hawaii: On the KQRS Morning Show, Mike Evans says that his longtime friend the governor of Hawaii Neil Abercrombie has run out of options and now knows that there is no birth certificate for Barack Obama in Hawaii's archives or hospital records:

Rush Limbaugh Finally Becomes a Birther: On January 21, 2011 Rush asked where is Obama's birth certificate:

When Ronald Reagan was Elected President: he put the personhood of the unborn child front and center in his pro-life efforts:

Thanks to Personhood USA for this great Reagan video! President Ronald Reagan offered to support a Human Life Amendment but the National RTL Committee turned him down in favor of a state-by-state strategy. Yet 30 years later, NRTL opposes1 all state personhood (HLA) efforts. Why? See

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