DC Real Estate UP, Kevorkian Down

 * Washington D.C. Housing Prices UP; Killers in Hell are DOWN: Jack Kevorkian is now in hell awaiting Judgment Day, and likely, so is a Denver killer. Also, home prices are down all over the country, but not in Washington D.C., where they are up 11% since 2009! Why? Is it because the climate there is so desirable? No. It's an indicator that a glut of tax money, from the bailouts and stimulus, ended up going to government bureaucrats, lobbyists, and cronies, with the socialist wealth transfers from Bush and Obama taking money from families across America and giving it to billion-dollar corporations, millionaire investors, and as payback to supporters. Ho hum. Sadly, that's all business as usual and the stuff that you can find out listening to Eye Roll Radio. But here's what you get from real radio: A country that mocks God and kills the innocent doesn't deserve good healthcare or economic prosperity. God's blessings do not flow onto the nation or family that is tolerant of the gassing of Jews or the slaughter of children. God didn't bless the slave-traders, and He didn't bless the Germans, and He's not blessing the Americans who are apathetic about Planned Parenthood ripping the arms off of children.

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