Alleged: The Scopes Monkey Trial Movie


Alleged 2011 monkey trial film poster. Fred Foote producer* Hollywood Gets It Right This Time Portraying the Trial of the Century: This accurate portrayal of the Scopes Monkey trial stars Brian Dennehy (Rambo) as Clarence Darrow (John Scopes' attorney whom the ACLU eventually fired), Fred Thompson (Law & Order) as William Jennings Bryan (the widely beloved prosecutor), Colm Meaney (Star Trek) as the Baltimore Sun's H.L. Mencken, and love interests Ashley Johnson (The Help, The Avengers, and The Last of Us) and Nathan West, and the adorable Khori Faison as the step sister targeted for sterilization. This great movie Alleged, available on Amazon in Blu-ray, DVD, and Instant Video, is accurate to the history and trial transcript of the Scopes Monkey Trial, unlike Hollywood's previous Inherit the Wind attempt. Also, it presents what Hollywood and evolutionists intentionally leave out of their popular renditions, that the textbook that was being defended by the ACLU, Hunter's Civic Biology, portrayed Blacks and Jews and other racial minorities as closer to apes as compared to those of European descent. Thank God for creationists!

* Creation Movie Producer and Writer Fred Foote on RSR: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams interview producer and writer Fred Foote on his film, Alleged, a period piece beautifully set in 1925 Dayton, Tennessee. Help reach more people with Alleged by writing a review at IMDB and Amazon.


 * So Order Your Copy Today!: Alleged is available from Amazon or anywhere DVDs are sold, but the best way to use your purchase to help further promote this important creation/evolution film is to pick it up from your local Walmart or to order it online and get it shipped to you or your local store using either of these pages: Walmart DVD or Walmart Blu-ray. Enjoy!

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* Fun Fact: Nebraska Man: Leading up to the Scopes Monkey Trial, as depicted in the movie Alleged, leading evolutionists were promoting "Nebraska Man" as the missing link between apes and humans. (One of these promoters was Professor Henry Osborne, president of NYC's American Museum of Natural History whom Bryan once engaged in the pages of the New York Times in a debate on evolution.) Paleontologists described Nebraska Man's height, abilities, social structure, tool use, amount of hair on his body, etc. Yet all they had actually discovered was a tooth. Yes, a single tooth. And later, when they excavating more of the skeleton, the evolutionists realized it was the tooth of a pig. Sort of reminds Bob and Fred of the description of a new dinosaur that was created recently from a 1/4-inch bone!