Amy Contrada Proves Romney Promotes Homosexuality

* Mitt Romney's Deception: the definitive work by Massachusetts researcher and activist Amy Contrada presents a thorough history of the former Governor’s shocking and under-reported record promoting "gay rights" and homosexual marriage. Contrada documents his largely untold history as Governor. For example, from 2003 to 2006, Romney:

  • Worked closely with homosexual activists and pro-gay rights advisors
  • Implemented homosexual marriage through his executive branch and was never ordered to implement homosexual marriage by the state Supreme Court as he claims
  • So that he could be on both sides of the issue, Romney supported a constitutional protect-marriage amendment strategy that was clearly doomed to failure from the start, and ignored the call to remove the aTerry's Call: A homosexual until...ctivist judges who ruled for "gay marriage"
  • Funded and promoted GLBT indoctrination in the public schools through his "Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth," and his Department of Education "Safe Schools" programs
  • Undermined religious freedom, failing to defend Catholic Charities in the "homosexual adoptions" fiasco
  • Continued or implemented radical homosexual and transgender programs in his executive departments
  • Warning: Amy's trailer for the book is hard-hitting but presents images of homosexuals in public.

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Today's Resource: Watch Terry's Call on DVD as Bob quickly unravels Terry's red herring claim, that homosexuals are living godly lives. In a series of heart touching phone calls, Terry is led to the Lord and repentance, shortly before his death from AIDS. (And notice the meaning of all the graphic elements in the artwork on the label of the DVD!)