ARTL's Under the Radar Team Surfaces

* Team Lead Nathan Rambeck on BEL: Nathan talks with Bob about American Right To Life's team that for years now meets Monday nights at 7 p.m. Eastern Time (4 p.m. Pacific Time) by conference call. The team's mission, as Nathan put it, is "to try to take over the world." :)  Bob has joined Nathan and the rest of the guys almost every week from the team's inception. This Under the Radar effort is always looking for more helpers. Here's what we need:
- researchers (in today's terms, that is, anyone who can Google :)
- web developers
- programmers
- database guys
- Drupal developers
- writers
- editors
- proofreaders
- artists (sketchers, painters, cartoonists, computer graphics, layout)
- gophers (someone who is available to help with random, usually online, errands, so to speak)
If you'd like to volunteer, please send your contact info and your areas of interest to!

* ARTL's New RTL Education Program Keeps Track of Your Progress: If you appreciate Nathan Rambeck, then how about going on over to and finding the link for the RTL Education program and trying it out! So easily the American RTL website will start keeping track of the resources that you utilize, and then you'll get a 20-year personhood education, the education needed to fight and win, right on line, in just a few weeks! So click on over and find that link!

* Fr. Frank Pavone & Ann Coulter Profiled: American RTL published this press release:

DENVER, April 11, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- American Right To Life's Pro-life Profiles, the online repository documenting the actual record rather than the rhetoric of politicians, leaders and organizations, has just published profiles for author Ann Coulter and Fr. Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life.

At, the political commentator is quoted defending "conservative" politicians who support the killing of some innocent children, including George W. Bush whose "exceptions," Coulter writes, account for "only" a "couple hundred of abortions per year."

"American RTL disputes not only Ann Coulter's morality, but also her math," says Jefferson George, the group's vice president. "Pro-life Profiles makes use of an easy-to-use Internet tool that we've developed and put online,," he said, "which documents the number of unborn killed by the policies and approval of George W. Bush at 3.3 million children during his years as president..." more...

* ProlifeProfiles, Your profiles on all those politicians and organizations are UNMATCHED in detail and faithfulness to the Truth. You all produce research as though you care that God is watching. This has edified me so much. Greg Sabine, Massachusetts History Teacher

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