Bob Acknowledges his Error on Obama Birth

* 2015 UPDATE: During disagreements, some have criticized Bob Enyart for always thinking that he is right. Bob's rebuttal was always: "Well, don't most people think they are right when they are arguing their position?" In a related developement, years ago, back in the 1990s on BEL, it turns out that Bob was wrong to say that he had been wrong about the meaning of "replenish". Now, once again, Bob was wrong to say that he had been wrong about Obama not being born in the U.S. The subsequent research into Obama's long-form birth certificate has proved beyond any doubt that the document that he published was forged and thus, not surprisingly, the "birth announcement" that family members placed in a Hawaii newspaper was for the purpose of later claiming for him American citizenship.

* April 28, 2011 Show Summary Retained for Archival Purposes:

* Obama Produces Valid Birth Certificate, Bob Regrets Distraction: As for the digital layers that make up Obama's long-form birth certificate and other weirdness of how the image was scanned and reassembled, I attribute that to the common way that government agencies pay consulting firms hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to create abstruse computer systems to do simple things (like recording police-band radio transmissions, or) like in this case, something that most people would do with $500 off-the-shelf scanners, whereas to justify their fees, their system not only scans, but automatically sorts, creates multiple searchable fields, and re-assembles layers of information onto preset templates that look official. So to me the layers, bending, and other features of the birth certificate look like output from a bureaucratic government system.

Some of the features that have been strongly presented as evidence of a forgery also appear on Eleanor Nordyke's twins' birth certificates who were born a day after Obama like inexplicable markings; proportional spacing; etc. Proportional spacing itself was indicated as evidence of forgery even though that technology had already been out for 20 years. Before the experts dug in and declared the long-form document a forgery, they should have done a careful comparison to the Nordyke documents. From the reports that I've seen [UPDATE: including over the next weeks], they did not. I started typing in the 1960s on a manual typewriter, in the 70s purchased an electric consumer model, typed 80 words a minutes, and worked on various institutional typewriters. Not all but some of the claimed evidence for forgery that was widely disseminated seemed false on its face -- like typewriters being unable to print letters that were not properly vertically aligned, and unable to print letters that were proportionally space, not properly spaced, and typewriters and stamps being unable to produce letters that were lighter or darker than other letters; etc. In the stamp, the "THE" appears to say "TXE" which may be from a worn or defective H, as appears from the upper right portion of the letter. Because of pride, once the bloggers rushed to pile up reasons why this must be a fraud, it seemed that it would now be almost humanly impossible for many to acknowledge their error if in fact the certificate were valid.

* As Bob Enyart said On Air:

I want to apologize to my audience for erroneously thinking that Barack Obama probably did not have a Hawaiian birth certificate. In today's program I'd like to talk through the issue and discuss the lessons I want to learn from this.

What we have done now is to give to Obama a perceived moral high ground, from which his most vocal critics are seen to be easily confused. I want to compliment the caution of many conservative talk show hosts who have refused to be pulled in to the growing list of details that led me to think that Obama probably didn't have a Hawaiian Birth Certificate.

I'd like to think about how easy it can be to be drawn into an invalid conspiracy theory, like this birth certificate conspiracy, the moon landing, 9-11 was an inside job, and contrails conspiracies. Multiplying details to prove a point is so very easy to do even when they are all false. Recall the book 88 Reasons Why the Rapture will be in 1988 and realize that all 88 of the author's reasons were wrong, with not even a single one being valid to establish his claim. Once a bias is developed, it's extremely easy to multiply details, dismiss all contrary evidence, and interpret everything to support the theory. Both Jesus Christ, and Paul, show the courage of intellectual integrity, by inviting people to consider the theoretical possibility that they may be wrong. Jesus said in John that if He testifies concerning Himself, His testimony is not credible, for evidence is required to establish a matter. And Paul said that if Christ did not rise from the dead, then the Christian faith is false.

I disagree with those who say this birth certificate is not valid. Yes, the pdf copy of it that the White House released has layers and I've seen those layers myself using our studio copy of Adobe Illustrator, and I've seen the YouTube videos "proving" it's a fraud. But multiplied details that seem so relevant, like:
- a 2007 date stamp bleeding through the back of a certification, or
- how folks might place a birth announcement in a paper in hopes of getting citizenship for a foreign born child, or
- wrongly indicating Hawaii's Queens Medical Center as the place of Obama's birth instead of Kapialani Hospital (where if memory serves I presented a Bible seminar in the 1990s)
are shown to be irrelevant once the initial bias is shown to be wrong. For example, to show Barack's father's race as African a few years before that became common does not falsify the certificate. When that terminology became popular in the 1960s, that change did not happen without prior thinking movement in that direction, thinking that Obama's father was a part of. So for Barack's family to request that his father's race be recorded as African is not unlike me telling my kids that they are native Americans because they were born here, and it's not right that kids born in every other country in the world can say that they are "native" but not our kids.

In the big picture, I regret that I did not stay more focused on the eternal moral issues, which of course include the fundamental issues of government that God will bring up on Judgment Day. The U.S. Constitution says that the supreme law of the land is not only the Constitution (see below) but also the foreign treaties that we enter into. According to biblical principles of governance, by rights, those treaties even trump the Constitution itself. But thankfully, God's law for nations trumps all! So when governments violate the oldest legal precedents like Do not murder and Do not steal, that battle is worth fighting and the lessons learned during it will be eternal. As far as the Constitution requiring only a "natural born" citizen to run for president, this is not eternal moral criteria, but an idiosyncracy of when the Constitution was adopted. The Constitution is an agreement between parties. And those parties could not care less about certain aspects of their agreement. When Judgment Day comes, it seems highly doubtful that God will prioritize for punishment parties who jointly ignored non-moral particulars of their agreements. The Constitution brought into existence the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches and all three could care less about the "natural born" clause, and the state governors could care less. And I predict that the state governments could care less, in that while of course some want to see that a presidential candidate was born in America, the states will not pass laws attempting to define, nor will they petition the U.S. Supreme Court for an authoritative opinion on the meaning of "natural born." So because the parties aren't going to fight over this non-moral particular, and since I cannot believe that God is going to care, neither about where Obama was born or any other leader who has advocated the killing of the innocent, therefore I am going to get beyond this distraction and focus more on what matters eternally! 

* The U.S. Constitution, Article VI: "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land." Want to learn about treaties? Really learn? Then you can enjoy Bob Enyart's Bible study of the entire Book of Judges that presents the biblical teaching on treaties! Just click or see more below.

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