Charles Stanley, Patrick Franklin, & BEL

* Uh-oh: In Touch Ministries Has Taken Legal Action: Long-time friend of Bob Enyart Live, app developer Patrick Franklin, is being taken to trademark court by Charles Stanley's ministry. Patrick's downloadable app, for iPhones, iPods, the iPod Touch, Android, etc., is called the Touch Bible and currently has over 700,000 downloads with each copy including chapter one of Bob Enyart's The Plot. Thanks Patrick! Aside from dedicating a tremendous amount of time and programming talent to pro-life ministry (including by creating the which is used prominently at, Patrick programmed the Touch Bible from his hospital bed after doctors diagnosed him with a fatal illness and gave him three years to live. Now Charles Stanley's In Touch Ministries, a Christian organization that Patrick otherwise highly compliments, is asking Patrick to "cease and desist" from offering his Touch Bible and from trademarking his popular app's name. Stay tuned... And check out Patrick's website,!

* August 13, 2012 UPDATE & RESOLUTION: Charles Stanley's In Touch Ministries and Patrick Franklin, creator of the Touch Bible software application, are pleased to announce that they have amicably resolved their disagreement related to Mr. Franklin’s use and registration of the trademark “Touch Bible”. The terms of the resolution remain confidential between the parties.

Today's Resource: Go to the Touch Bible website, or on your phone, go to the Market, and search for Bible and get the Touch Bible application!