Worst Romney Fundraiser Ever

* American Right to Life Paid: a visit to Romney's fundraiser in Cherry Hills Village outside of Denver today to make sure that the conservative Republicans there knew that RomneyCare is worse than ObamaCare because it even pays for abortion. And knowing that Mitt Romney can comfortably co-exist with Planned Parenthood for the rest of his life, ARTL wanted to make him miserable regarding abortion in part by increasing the social tension and ensuring that there is no child killing with tranquility. Twenty ARTL members protested including by standing at the property line of the home where the event took place chanting "Romney funds abortion" to the 150 attendees as Romney tried to deliver his speech. For the second time in three weeks U.S. Congressman Bob Beauprez was personally urged to review Romney's Pro-life Profile and this time he put a copy of the printed profile into his pocket.

Bob and friends preparing to protest a Romney fundraiser* On the Nation's Top Pro-life Blog: Jill Stanek wrote, "Many pro-lifers were skeptical of Romney in 2008, and I expect many more have been added to the list following Romney’s announcement last week that he will not sign Susan B. Anthony List’s pro-life pledge... I gave Romney the benefit of the doubt in 2008, but not this time, not since he has admitted wanting the freedom if elected president to appoint pro-abortion ideologues to his cabinet and government leadership posts [BEL: and the courts], and also that he also wants to turn a blind eye toward the 'thousands' of hospitals he knows are committing abortions while receiving Medicaid/Medicare funding."

* Caplis & Silverman interviewed Bob Enyart on KHOW: You're invited to listen to this archive of Denver's Caplis & Silverman show. Pro-life Dan Caplis co-hosts this local talk show with "pro-choice" Craig Silverman. Craig happened upon the ARTL Romney protest with his cell phone recorder. While Caplis was challenging Bob during their interview, afterward in this exchange, Dan agreed with Bob's fundamental point:

Craig Silverman: "As you've articulated Dan, you're going to vote for Mitt Romney regardless over Barack Obama..."
Dan Caplis: "Please don't misunderstand me... if I'm missing something about him, factually, historically, if [Romney] truly is not pro-life, well then, I wouldn't vote for him. So, if there's a question out there, I want to find the answer to it. There have been all sorts of candidates out there who call themselves pro-life and then don't act that way. I as a consumer want to make sure that I'm not fooled."

AGREED! So Dan, PLEASE see the irrefutable documentation of Mitt's recent and aggressive pro-abortion record at ProlifeProfiles.com/Romney. (Further, Mitt even single-handedly instituted homosexual marriage in his state, and today to exculpate himself he fabricates a claim that the MA Supreme Court ordered him to issue those same-sex marriage licenses, a complete fabrication for which he feels confident that conservative talk show hosts will not fact check him on.)

* The Passionate Pro-Lifer Blog: wrote in Mitt's Longest Day, that the "guest list featured host committee members, former US Senator Wayne Allard, former Congressman Bob Beauprez, and Colorado Attorney General John Suthers ~ all who claim to be pro-life. Is it really so easy for them to turn a blind eye to the painful plight of the 4,000 pre-born babies killed by abortion daily, that any lie about a candidate's foundational beliefs will suffice?"

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